These Things Are Worth Dying For

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012
The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

I have a small number of people and an ideology that I love so much that they have made this whole life of great suffering and pain worth living through. Everyone who lives suffers. And I do not wish to diminish or dismiss human suffering or the pain experience by anyone.

However, I personally have had much more suffering than most average people will ever experience in their lifetimes. Tragic and crushing suffering has filled my life for all of my years; and I understand the meaning of “true suffering,” and fate spares almost all average people from of ever truly knowing what this torment for a lifetime is and how it tears one’s soul out.

Still if I had the choice to go back, and to choose whether or not to live my life all over again, with all the pain, I would have only one thing to say. Rather than to escape all the pain by simply electing to not being born the next time, these things that I love would force me to choose to live this life again just the same. I would go through the pain all over again just to experience these few good things.

To miss these things, these beloved gifts, would be an abysmal tragedy to forego by choosing not to exist and thus spared all the pain instead. These things are that sacred to me, and they take priority over all else.

These things are worth living for; these things are worth dying for; and these things I would kill for without hesitation in order to defend. Such things are worth more than my life itself. And I feel truly blessed to have experienced these things that I have. And I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever for having lived my life the way it has been.

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