Inspiring Words for when you are feeling down as a Writer.

Inspiring Words for when you are feeling down as a Writer.

A video narrated By Phillip Glass.

4 thoughts on “Inspiring Words for when you are feeling down as a Writer.

  1. How long is “a long time”? I’ve been writing the same novel for 6 years. I’ve been doing other things, but keep comong back to this same novel, that keeps getting rejected by publishers. makes me want to cry and give up. But then I wake up in the morning and have to start writing again because its all i think about.

    • I am not on your level so I am afraid I can’t give any advice. However the mentor of my writing group is a publisher and he says, “Published Authors are the ones who never gave up.” If that is true then it sounds like your are doing the “write thing.”

  2. Olivia, I would love to read one another’s writings.I am always up for that.Email me anytime

    This link opens your email client to send an email:

    Click to Email Bryan Edmondson

    Also if you would like to find a writer’s group it was relatively easy for me. I assume you have heard of Meet Up?
    Well, I live in a very small town outside of Houston proper. We don’t have much access to shopping malls or book stores or anything like the big city. But I found a very nice writer’s group in my own little corner out here in this neck of the woods.

    Olivia Click Me and Look in Your Area for a Meet Up Writer’s Group

    The good thing about the group is that it makes me want to write every day. It is good for me to have a deadline to present a writing example. We each present a 7 page double spaced typed portion of a longer chapter or story we are working on. Everyone really grills me and nitpicks my submission (in a fun way) so I learn from such critiques. Lastly it is totally free. And the people are very nice and serious about writing.

    Again if you can’t find anything in your area email me a piece anytime and I will be glad to read it and give feed back.
    Thanks for sticking your toes in Noodles at Noodle Toes.

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