Religion Picking on Science and Atheists

I really wish Religion had never started picking on Science and Atheists. These two never did a thing to Religion. These two persecuted secular thought systems are instances of individuals just being true to them. But Religion came in anyway and told them that if they did not think just as Religion thought that they would all burn in hell forever. That seems a bit petty and abjectly rude.

Science is just a non-religious, self-correcting system, only making assertions on repeatable empirical scientific study data. It tries to prove itself wrong before it ever tries to prove itself right. Science merely perpetrates innocence by offering corroborating scientific evidence to build more evidence to support a strong theory. And above all if Science should ever make a mistake with data and assert something wrong it will cheerfully thank you for pointing this out. That is what Science does. Science is a nice neighbor. Science is not the bad person.

So what if secular people want to believe that, the world is not flat but round; and that the earth revolves around the sun, and not vice verse  what is wrong with that? Why can’t the religious simply disagree, let Religion even believe that they are right, leave it at that and do away with countless bad churches passing out hell, hate, and persecution? I do not see love in Religion except to those within their Religion. Outsiders are usually ostracized, persecuted or hated. All Christ’s talk of love and praying for one’s enemies seems to have been lost in the hate.

Religion, science has a corrosive effect on you but that is nothing personal. It is just doing its job. I think that you pick on us so because you are terrified of losing your foothold from a human document written thousands of years ago. Science updates its books perpetually. The Bible’s cosmology of Genesis is simply false. As Genesis was written about 4,000 years ago by ignorant men who did not know any better. If religion cannot keep up with current trends and problems by evolving with the times like Science does what real good is it to society today?

I think that the most helpful thing would be to place all the Bibles on a shelf and read them again in two hundred years with fresh ears.

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