Killing A Man is not Hard (Poem)

I must say, killing a man is not hard,

It was digging the hole in his back yard

That really wore on me. Plus hiding the gun,

Will his child crave revenge—hot, like the sun?

The smell of gunpowder is the smell of death

The blood on my hands like Lady Macbeth 

One thought on “Killing A Man is not Hard (Poem)

  1. I also got the insurance from the Meguro Volunteer Center too. Wish I had seen the ponistg beforehand I went to the Meguro Ward office first. The Meguro Volunteer Center is open on weekend until 7pm so it is very convenient for those who work during the week. 私も同じく目黒ボランティアセンターでボランティア保険を手配しました。最初間違えて区役所の方に行ってしまったので、先にこのポスティングを読んでおけばよかったです。。。週末も夜7時まで受け付けているので、平日働いている人は非常に便利ですよ。

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