“Kissing Tips and Techniques A Comprehensive Guide.”

Kissing: Do You Really Know That you are a Fantastic Kisser?

The Art of Kissing: Art you a fantastic kisser? Do You Really Know Everything There is to Know? You may be surprised! Find out Now. Download this 49 page PDF “Kissing Tips and Techniques A Comprehensive Guide.”

Kissing Tips and Techniques A Comprehensive Guide

6 thoughts on ““Kissing Tips and Techniques A Comprehensive Guide.”

  1. Dear Eric, since we are going public, for the record; You should know that I kissed that guy up in the picture and he is a much better kisser than you.

    Comparing that guy’s kisses to your kisses–there are significant differences
    1) He is a romantic kisser.
    2) Unlike you, that guy did not have a giraffe-like tongue which was also raspy like a cat’s tongue,
    3) That guy was not a left-mouth-corner dribbler.
    4) That guy did not open-mouth kiss with a gasping yawn hole, did not cover my mouth and nose too–form a tight seal, and blow my cheeks out like Louie Armstrong playing the trumpet.

    P.S. I faked all of those “Mm-mm” sounds I make when I kiss you.

  2. jessemathewson says:

    Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    Kissing like any sensual/sexual or platonic action is about being able to read the partner. 🙂 if you’re a selfish lover, you will never be seen as “good”.

  3. Mike says:

    And you just had to choose an interracial couple with a white person, as if this art couldn’t be portrayed some other way. You had to use a pic with a race under thread of extinction from declining birth rates. Race is real!. Insensitive idiot!

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