Writing, Music, and Culture (Eric John Baker)



Eric Baker is a professional editor, musician, and writer, all cleverly twisted together and disguised as a nice guy. He offers tips on writing fiction as a craft, reviews popular singers, past and present.

3 thoughts on “Writing, Music, and Culture (Eric John Baker)

  1. You are the best stalker ever!

    Seriously, you are getting really good at videomaking. I’m currently looking into how I want to promote my album, but I hope we can collaborate on a youtube video. Even something simple like pictures fading and swiping (I say simple despite the fact that I don’t have the slightest idea how to do it).

    Stay tuned.

    • We need to get you an inexpensive tripod and a video camera at all costs. It takes a lot of video to get good sequences. You can have your wife film you and Tony jamming in your private 24 track recording studio. She only need shoot 5 minutes of video, here and there, so you have a lot of angles and scenes already shot when your album is ready for I Tunes .

      I am trying to help you. As any true stalker does, I secretly put a spy cam in your bathroom ceiling. But you use entirely too much Mr. Bubble and hang silly soap beards from your face. That footage is useless as it is not media-savvy. I think it probably would not draw anything but a micro-niche listener base.
      Simply put, no one will take you seriously as a musician, or wear your t-shirts, or buy your overpriced albums until you show some skin like Madonna.

      • Silly soap beards are the next big thing! Bigger than gorillas who speak French.

        A video camera is outside my budget at this time (my budget being $0), especially with having to design an album cover, the copyrighting and publishing fees, and hiring a music-management service. Would it offend your artistic sensibilities to do something basic for now and then get fancy when the big bucks start rolling in?

        First order of business is deciding which song we want to promote. Naturally, the one we liked best is the one that is getting the coldest reception from the people around us, so we’ve got to do a bit of market research. Then we have to get set up on amazon and iTunes. I will keep your apprised of my progress, if you are interested in knowing.

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