Happy Mother’s Day (400 Million BC) Video

My mom worked the puppet in this special effects video. I did not have any idea how to film it. So look in the background and you can spot her head! That is my fault. I never remember to think before I do things. So I am always walking out the door without pants and the like. Still I think it is fun.  It was my mother’s day present for my Mom. So happy mother’s day Moms.



6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day (400 Million BC) Video

  1. That is uncanny. This is exactly what the head technical support guy said at my video editing help forum.

    p.s. What is it with you geniuses and your hoods.I never saw “Pulp Fiction.” I assume you are talking about a windbreaker’s drawstring top but green?. Please go into details.
    Thank you for your comment.

      • You know that a non sequitur is my trademark calling card that everyone

        What? I have ADD a medical disorder you no good son of

        I can’t stand you since your album hit Amazon and ITunes because now you walk around like you a one cool

        I can’t stay mad at you. I’m sorry hug me just for

        What does “Full Blown ” in your band named, “Full Blown Cranium” really mean because I might want

        I am out of Diet Coke. How can I take my Riitalin?

        What the hell was your point of your comment anyway?

        I AM NOT GAY

        ps I am not anti gay

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