River of Death

The jungle along this section of the river is without empathy. It did not grieve for the explorers who anchored here and struggled into the labyrinth, the thicket of trees, vines, and  who disappeared, the ones whom the roots came out of the ground and made prey of. Blind roots that searched by touch. The roots, which bored through the soil, came up, and seized the natives. It wrapped round legs, and then twisted up torsos, winding round them–and squeezed the life from them like pythons. Then the land was bound to the living men, and the land fed off their blood. Look at this place, just look at it. It is a plague of cold, fog, tempests, disease, exile, and death– skulking in the air, in the water, in the bush. These forgotten men died like flies here. And if we anchor here so shall we.


100 proof exertion of writing

Lying Inside Your Grave

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

Imagine the panic that shall rush coldly over you, when you breathe your last breath, turn blue, and the doctor in a hospital pulls the sheet over your face. Some stranger rolls your gurney, one of its wheels wobbling, down the back passageway, along the ramp that ends at the morgue; suddenly it is very cold, and you realize you are naked. Its ok they have seen every sort of dead naked there is. You may feel embarrassed being naked in front of everyone, but no one will make fun of your body—unless they get bored.

Someone soon comes and twists the wires of a toe tag, which you feel constrict around your big toe. The toe tag hangs there motionless from a cold stiff toe. This is the moment that the surreal realization hits you. You are dead. Continue reading

This is the Family (Intro to Short Story)

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

We are all one Family. Time recognizes us by one shared name. We are all the direct descendants of the progenitors, the patriarch, and the matriarch, the first of us who came. We are one lineage, a succession of generations through twenty-five decades in this country. Continue reading

These Things Are Worth Dying For

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012
The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

I have a small number of people and an ideology that I love so much that they have made this whole life of great suffering and pain worth living through. Everyone who lives suffers. And I do not wish to diminish or dismiss human suffering or the pain experience by anyone.

However, I personally have had much more suffering than most average people will ever experience in their lifetimes. Tragic and crushing suffering has filled my life for all of my years; and I understand the meaning of “true suffering,” and fate spares almost all average people from of ever truly knowing what this torment for a lifetime is and how it tears one’s soul out. Continue reading

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction, Short Stories, and Satire) (c) 2012

Funeral of the dead little boy

Welcome to Noodle Toes

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire)  (c) 2012

The Maker of the “Mourning” Weather

Mother Nature, of course, is the Great Spirit who manages everything involved in creating and maintaining all of the interconnected forces that make up Nature on earth. It is a common misconception that she does this all by herself. Note that I said that she “manages” all of these things. Because there are millions of interconnected systems that are necessary to maintain Nature at all times and nurture the entire earth.

So Mother Nature employs many different Earth Spirits in order to get everything done. And there are countless different types of Earth Spirits on which she depends. Some take care of the deep flowing rivers, others crystal flowing streams, some the vast, salty frothed seas, others the jagged, snow peaked mountains, some raging volcanoes, those that make plants and animals rise and bloom, and there are even some that make round rocks roll down a hillside. There are so many Earth Spirits, and all the things they control would take years to explain.

What I want to tell you about are the Earth Spirits who are responsible for controlling the weather. Mother Nature calls these “Weather Sprites.” Continue reading

I am 82 years old and have only one word of advice.

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

The Writings of Bryan Edmondson (Fiction and Satire) (c) 2012

I am an old man now. I have lived 82 long years and I have seen many things as you might imagine. I know how old men tend to corner young people, then chatter on and on in an attempt to “enlighten them.” Most al old men all tend to think that they alone, have pawed loose brilliant answers from the cosmic yarn ball of the greatest questions of time. And they talk truly believing that they are the only ones who ever got it right.

I would never presume to do such an unjust thing to anyone. This said I would like to suggest one idea for your consideration. It is the only thing I have to say to anyone that I think may actually be worth hearing. You may use it or ignore it as you see fit, and I promise I will say no more.

Just a Suggestion, take it only if you see fit.

The only wisdom I may have is this: the one thing I found that was really necessary for me to live a happy life. The only advice I can offer simply put is always try to remind yourself to be fully present and aware in the present moment. Some call it “Being in The Now.” And that seems to me to be the best way to describe it.

If one thing is true it is that, we humans all naturally tend to forget to appreciate the wonder of the little things in the present moment. The present and the infinite sum of all the tiny things in our life around us “right now,” these things I suggest are all that we ever really have. And in a very real way, I would propose that there is nothing that truly exists but “right now.”

Enthusiastically experiencing these things all around us “in the now,” can make our life in the present magnificent. It can also help us find something encouraging to hold on to, stay afloat and survive after the ship has sunk and we are treading water far from land.

Noticing the wonderful little things as they happen makes my life much richer. Yet this is something I must constantly remind themself to do.

It is not hard to notice these things if I actively, and continually try.

As these are the most obvious things in my life. I am talking everything I can cherish. I am talking about regularly involving my mind in spiritual practice, and being in fellowship. I am talking about really grasping sunsets, about actually paying attention to a child’s laugher, and experiencing the gift of fully witnessing morning dew clinging tenuously to silky rose buds on my rose bush at sunrise. Continue reading