A World of Licking Tongues, except for one.

This is a Vimeo Staff Picked Video; it is artsy, cute, and funny.

A sad hobo walks along, pained while seeing many people using their tongues and enjoying licking stuff. But alas, he has nothing to lick with his own tongue.

“Kissing Tips and Techniques A Comprehensive Guide.”

Kissing: Do You Really Know That you are a Fantastic Kisser?

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Kissing Tips and Techniques A Comprehensive Guide

Colorful Kisses

I want to kiss you. I want my lips to touch yours, and when we pull our lips apart, I want to them to cling to one another, reluctant to depart—like new lovers. When that happens, my lips are always warmer and yours are cooler. Does that mean that I really like you a lot, or does it mean that I like you more than like me?