Are Books and People Alike?

Books are not so different than people are. Both come in many different genres, they see things from different points of view, and they speak in unique voices.

Unfortunately, it is easier for me to judge them by their covers, as they wait patiently on a shelf. If I am not careful, I will walk past a great one and never open it–because I am busy, impatient, and thoughtless.

But when I do take the time to look, I find each one has an exclusive set of contemplations: observations, interpretations, and insights about life.

I do not agree with all of them. Some do not share my curiosities. Some I do not understand. Some irritate me for no good reason. Some of them just plain make me mad.

Still, every time I open a new book or talk to a new person, I learn something about life that I did not know before, and that makes my whole view of the world a little bit wider.

We all have to live unchosen lives.

 We all have to live unchosen lives.

Every person alive has to live in their own little self-contained life. We all have to live unchosen lives. Any other human being’s life is just as important and personal to them as yours is to you. Try to get to know people by allowing them a second and third impression. It is a great way to widen you world. I think it also brings on wisdom quicker